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Benchmark report from PlumChoice and Z-Wave Alliance shows consumers got ‘smarter’ in 2016, examines individual device interest LOWELL, Mass., (April 18, 2017) – Consumers see more clearly how home smart devices can directly benefit their lives, and are planning to purchase more smart home devices in the future. Those are the key insights from a […]

Will oversee cloud business which has grown exponentially year-over-year LOWELL, Mass., (December 13, 2016) – PlumChoice, Inc., the leading provider of premium technical services to cloud solution providers and distributors, communications service providers, IoT service providers and manufacturers, today announced that Dave Hauser has been promoted to vice president of the company’s cloud business . For […]

Proven leader in the technology sector, Shimoni brings a strategic vision and unmatched leadership qualities to PlumChoice’s growing business LOWELL, Mass., (August 16, 2016) – PlumChoice, Inc., the leading provider of premium technical services to service providers, IoT manufacturers, distributors and cloud solution providers announced today that David Shimoni has been appointed president and chief […]

Are you looking for a solution to the “thing makers’ dilemma™?” If your organization is part of the connected life segment of the IoT and is seeking greater adoption and ongoing usage, join the complimentary webinar, “Tech Support for the Internet of Things,” hosted by Harvard Business Review and PlumChoice Executive Vice President, Paul Weichselbaum.
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by Paul Weichselbaum

When it comes to tech support, most organizations and their call centers fear inbound calls (service redemption) due to the expense. After all, when the business mantra is “increase profits,” with the call center right alongside shouting “reduce costs,” not many companies want to dig into tight budgets for the time and labor they think is requisite to address additional tech support redemption. Read more.

eCommerce Times
by Jeff Kagan
When a problem with a mobile device occurs, customers call either the equipment maker or the network for help. The worst response they can get is that it’s the other guy’s problem. That forces customers to go back and forth looking for a solution. It wastes their time and increases their aggravation. The back-and-forth routine loses customers, and it must be avoided at all costs. Read more
by Jeff Kagan
PlumChoice works with their client companies, behind the scenes, helping to improve customer care with advanced tech support. Imagine you are a customer and you buy a smartphone or tablet or computer, and something goes wrong. You call the company for tech support. Companies attempt to solve the problem, and in the vast majority of cases, they do. If the problem requires more expertise, companies then transfer the call to their advanced tech support. The next question then becomes: is their advanced tech support inside or outside? Read more