Paul Weichselbaum

Business Insider Intelligence Research predicts that global connected-home device shipments will grow at a compound annual rate of 67 percent over the next five years, representing 25 percent of shipments in the IoT. The explosion of smart home devices brings increasing challenges, complexities and a need for standardization. Paul Weichselbaum, and leading experts, will discuss the need for interoperability at the CABA Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum. Read More

by Paul Weichselbaum

When it comes to tech support, most organizations and their call centers fear inbound calls (service redemption) due to the expense. After all, when the business mantra is “increase profits,” with the call center right alongside shouting “reduce costs,” not many companies want to dig into tight budgets for the time and labor they think is requisite to address additional tech support redemption. Read more.