PlumChoice, Inc., the leader in specialized technical services for the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud applications, today announced that the company achieved the silver competency for Microsoft Cloud Productivity in support of Microsoft Office 365. PlumChoice earned the competency rating for consistent capabilities and expertise in – and commitment to – enabling its channel partners in the cloud ecosystem with the services and support required for those partners to sell Office 365 to businesses. Read More

Webinar: The New Cardinal Rules of IoT Adoption

Is too much complexity killing the promise of the Internet of Things? Join PlumChoice and Zonoff, Inc.’s retail industry and IoT platform expert, Peter Gerstberger, Vice President & GM for:

The New Cardinal Rules of IoT Adoption
Four Practical Practices that Underpin Success of Connected Home Products & Solutions

Pete provides behind-the-scenes insights on how companies are cementing their success in the IoT, as well as:

Stumbling blocks to purchase – why buyers “check out” before they check out and how to convert prospects into buyers
Four essentials to increasing IoT product adoption
Revenue impact through ARPU
Lifetime value expansion
Why your current strategy is limiting your success in the IoT

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The Channel Pro Network

PlumChoice Inc., a provider of specialized technical services for the Internet of Things (IoT) and cloud applications, has partnered with cloud service commerce company AppDirect. PlumChoice will now provide cloud application services for AppDirect’s cloud channel partners. The end-to-end services from PlumChoice include pre-sales guidance, onboarding, and activation, migration, and 24/7 tier-one and tier-two support services. Read more

Businesses understand the value of cloud applications, but they don’t have the time or resources to vet and manage them on their own. Through a partnership with AppDirect, PlumChoice will provide end-to-end customer support of cloud applications, enabling the channel partners who sell them to improve time to market, drive adoption and customer satisfaction and deliver greater lifetime value to businesses. Read More

Business Insider Intelligence Research predicts that global connected-home device shipments will grow at a compound annual rate of 67 percent over the next five years, representing 25 percent of shipments in the IoT. The explosion of smart home devices brings increasing challenges, complexities and a need for standardization. Paul Weichselbaum, and leading experts, will discuss the need for interoperability at the CABA Intelligent Buildings & Digital Home Forum. Read More

Are you looking for a solution to the “thing makers’ dilemma™?” If your organization is part of the connected life segment of the IoT and is seeking greater adoption and ongoing usage, join the complimentary webinar, “Tech Support for the Internet of Things,” hosted by Harvard Business Review and PlumChoice Executive Vice President, Paul Weichselbaum.
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by Paul Weichselbaum

When it comes to tech support, most organizations and their call centers fear inbound calls (service redemption) due to the expense. After all, when the business mantra is “increase profits,” with the call center right alongside shouting “reduce costs,” not many companies want to dig into tight budgets for the time and labor they think is requisite to address additional tech support redemption. Read more.

Contact Center World
By Veronica Silva Cusi
IoT service providers, PlumChoice, Inc. and InstallerNet, Inc. combine their strengths in remote and onsite technical services to empower manufacturers, retailers and solution providers to deliver on the promise of connected devices with new customer-lifecycle technical support offering, Connected Lifestyle Services. Learn more

CE Outlook

InstallerNet announced it has teamed with PlumChoice to offer an Internet of Things service that helps consumers install and also buy, use and integrate many new Internet-connected devices for the car and home. The service was unveiled at CES this week as a means to help consumers buy and set up complex Internet connected products. Read more