Connected Lifestyle Services

Benchmark report from PlumChoice and Z-Wave Alliance shows consumers got ‘smarter’ in 2016, examines individual device interest LOWELL, Mass., (April 18, 2017) – Consumers see more clearly how home smart devices can directly benefit their lives, and are planning to purchase more smart home devices in the future. Those are the key insights from a […]

Proven leader in the technology sector, Shimoni brings a strategic vision and unmatched leadership qualities to PlumChoice’s growing business LOWELL, Mass., (August 16, 2016) – PlumChoice, Inc., the leading provider of premium technical services to service providers, IoT manufacturers, distributors and cloud solution providers announced today that David Shimoni has been appointed president and chief […]

Turnkey program enables organizations to offer highly specialized, whole-home support services LOWELL, Mass., (Jan. 5, 2016) – PlumChoice, Inc., the leader in specialized technical services for the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced ConnectedHome Expert, a turnkey, end-to-end service that enables IoT makers, solution providers, and resellers to drive product adoption and […]

Contact Center World
By Veronica Silva Cusi
IoT service providers, PlumChoice, Inc. and InstallerNet, Inc. combine their strengths in remote and onsite technical services to empower manufacturers, retailers and solution providers to deliver on the promise of connected devices with new customer-lifecycle technical support offering, Connected Lifestyle Services. Learn more

CE Outlook

InstallerNet announced it has teamed with PlumChoice to offer an Internet of Things service that helps consumers install and also buy, use and integrate many new Internet-connected devices for the car and home. The service was unveiled at CES this week as a means to help consumers buy and set up complex Internet connected products. Read more

CIO Review

PlumChoice, a specialized technical services provider and InstallerNet , an installation solution for consumer electronic industry have come up with a new customer-life cycle called Connected Lifestyle Services. Connected Lifestyle Services help solution providers in getting profits through developing sales, designation and ongoing support so as to enhance customer experience.Read more

Mobile Electronics

Two leaders in the IoT services ecosystem today announce they are combining their strengths in remote and onsite technical services to empower manufacturers, retailers and solution providers to deliver on the promise of connected devices. Connected Lifestyle Services provide technical support for the full customer lifecycle, enabling sales, installation and onboarding, and ongoing support that increase basket sizes and average revenue per user (ARPU), minimize returns, secure adoption and usage, and enhance the customer experience, facilitating greater lifetime value. Read more

TWICE Magazine

PlumChoice and InstallerNet will team up at International CES for the joint launch of Connected Lifestyle Services, which provide consumers with pre-purchase advice, installation, and post-sale support for connected-home and connected-car products. In February, carrier U.S. Cellular will become the first company to offer the services to customers purchasing its newly launched home-automation services.Read more