Talkin Cloud
by Michael Vizard

In advance of the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference next week, AppDirect announced on Tuesday that partners that plug into its online application store to distribute software can take advantage of a Dual Service Management program under which Microsoft’s existing syndication partners can continue to use that service until they make the complete transition to becoming a Microsoft cloud service provider (CSP). Read more

Recent data from CircleID shows that more than 86 percent of SMBs recognize the importance of moving to the cloud, yet 70 percent aren’t using cloud application solutions. Erick Simpson, vice president and co-founder of SPC International, will join PlumChoice’s Todd Barker and Doug Fowler to discuss how service providers, cloud distributors and resellers can ensure that SMBs are gaining value from their cloud applications. Read More

As cloud services boom – and small business (SMB) implementations of cloud-based applications follow suit — cloud application providers and resellers seek specialized technical expertise from outside their organizations to support SMB end users and drive adoption. Read More