Company Recognizes Specialized Technical Services Agents and Partners for Excellence in Service Delivery

LOWELL, MA, (October 6, 2014) – PlumChoice, Inc., the leading specialized technical services provider in optimizing the benefits consumers and small companies derive from their personal technology experiences, today, as part of Customer Service Week, lauded its partners and the company’s specialized technical, sales, and care agents for their expertise and customer experience orientation in delivering services for consumers and small businesses with complex technical environments.

“With the skyrocketing demands that accompany the ‘Internet of Things,’ delivering excellence in customer service is critical throughout our entire organization – from our agents who interact with customers to our team of professionals who have built strong relationships with our partners,” said Bob Badavas, CEO of PlumChoice “Our partners appreciate that our number one priority is to deliver on their customer promise for effective, efficient and valuable technical services. Through our specialized services, we demonstrate the importance of ensuring that each and every customer is able to implement and optimize today’s complex technologies for their increasingly connected lives.”

“Our partners are industry pioneers who understand the long-term value and impact of comprehensive, specialized technical services and we know that the level of support we offer wouldn’t be possible without the hard work and expertise of our skilled agents,” said David Temlak, SVP of customer service innovation and delivery at PlumChoice. “We continue to place a strong emphasis on the recruiting, hiring, education, skills optimization and customer service orientation that allow our agents to address the growing complexity of personal technology needs and in turn, enable our partners to provide a service experience that makes a difference to their customers and their brands.”

PlumChoice executives recognize that employing and training specialized agents are key to differentiated customer experiences. To continue raising the bar of excellence in customer service, PlumChoice utilizes a ‘hub and spoke’ model for training, deploying and advancing specialized agents around the country. PlumChoice also partners with universities and technical institutions, such as the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology, to educate and train the next generation of tech support agents who are uniquely positioned to solve the complex needs that arise from the use and integration of new and diverse technologies.

“Specialized technical support has always focused on providing a level of care that is outside of other organizations’ parameters, as large call centers either don’t have the resources or the knowledge to effectively and efficiently address complex technical customer inquiries that have emerged from innovations in the connected home,” said Daniel Lipseir, operations manager at PlumChoice. “Consumers now want to know how to integrate and optimize very technical products from different manufacturers, which means our agent team has to be increasingly nimble and knowledgeable. It’s an exciting time to be a part of this industry.”

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About PlumChoice

Fortune 1000 manufacturers, retailers, telcos, cable providers, and software companies partner with PlumChoice to deliver highly differentiated customer experiences to consumers and SMBs through white-labeled technical support solutions that span the entire technology lifecycle. PlumChoice works with end users to install, configure, connect, enhance and fix both software and hardware products, and integrates numerous products within larger technical and connected home environments. The company is purpose-built to deliver exceptional customer experiences by way of its unique sales model, user-focused service delivery processes and proprietary support automation technology that enable partners to power the increasingly complex and heterogeneous personal technology environments driven by the “Internet of Things.”

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