PlumChoice Announces Expanded Footprint at Lowell Headquarters

Additional Space Accommodates Business Growth and Allows More Rapid Deployment of Specially Trained, Local Technical Talent

LOWELL, MA – (April 8, 2014) – PlumChoice, Inc., the company that partners with leading brands to sell and deliver advanced tech support services that redefine excellence in customer experience, today announced the expansion of its Lowell headquarters to support the company’s continued growth, including plans to hire several hundred employees in the coming year.

PlumChoice added a 7,300 square-foot training facility to its 37,000 square-foot space in the Cross Point Towers in response to rapid growth since its move to Lowell from Billerica, MA 18 months ago. The new location serves as an onboarding and education hub for current and future employees, and supports the company’s initiative to deploy more local tech support agents quicker than ever before.

“PlumChoice recruits, hires and specially trains the best technical support agents across the country. This expansion enables us to integrate more deeply with the local community to leverage the impressive technical talent in our back yard,” said David Temlak, senior vice president of customer service, innovation and delivery at PlumChoice. “By expanding our facilities, we’re able to more rapidly deploy both local and national talent, closely engage with our agents during their initial onboarding and offer ongoing, in-house education that benefits our employees, our tech support partners, and the consumers and small business owners we serve.”

A majority of the hundreds of professionals PlumChoice will hire this year will be trained as technical agents to support the company’s growing base of white-label tech support subscribers. The advancement of technology and the evolving demand for value-added technical services has led to 48% growth in the PlumChoice subscriber base since locating to Lowell.

“Our company growth reflects the proliferation of connected devices, apps and cloud-based software programs that increase the complexity of home and small business technology environments,” said Bob Badavas, CEO of PlumChoice. “Because we deliver advanced technical sales, support and care that yield customer delight in these complex environments, PlumChoice is the go-to partner for many top brands. The rapid deployment of specially trained agents is essential for us to remain nimble on behalf of our partners in the evolving ‘Internet of Everything.’ ”

PlumChoice relocated its headquarters from Billerica to the Cross Point Towers in Lowell in the fall of 2012. In addition to hiring technical, sales and care agents, PlumChoice has a number of open positions in other areas of the company.

Karen McPhillips, Vice President, Marketing

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