Turnkey program enables organizations to offer highly specialized, whole-home support services

LOWELL, Mass., (Jan. 5, 2016)PlumChoice, Inc., the leader in specialized technical services for the cloud and the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced ConnectedHome Expert, a turnkey, end-to-end service that enables IoT makers, solution providers, and resellers to drive product adoption and build brand loyalty by helping consumers select, install, use, integrate and optimize smart devices within their home technology environments.

With ConnectedHome Expert, IoT providers can expedite their go-to-market and eliminate the hassle of launching and executing their own device and IoT services. PlumChoice’s broad, device- and brand-agnostic expertise enables providers to serve the whole home technology environment, not just their own products.  For smart “thing makers” and providers, PlumChoice’s holistic approach to supporting customers and their technologies helps reduce no-fault-found returns and increase adoption, revenue, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

“Consumers need help with purchase advice, installation and activation, ongoing troubleshooting and updates, and the integration of those ‘things’ within their home technology environments,” said Steve Thompson, vice president of business development, PlumChoice. “It doesn’t start with a ‘fix’ and it doesn’t end with a warranty – if IoT solution providers want users to adopt their products and keep coming back, they need to develop a more comprehensive service program. ConnectedHome Expert is that program.”

ConnectedHome Expert allows organizations to leverage PlumChoice’s end-to-end service expertise to quickly launch, monetize and market value-added support services that increase customer satisfaction and lifetime value. The ConnectedHome service portfolio includes: Expert Advisor, Expert Setup & Go, Expert Solve My Problem, Expert Secure My Network, and Expert Anytime Assist. These services vary by consumer needs and preferred delivery models, like “do it for me” (DIFM), “do it with me” (DIWM) and “do it yourself” (DIY), and they cover an array of smart and mobile devices, as well as cloud apps, wireless networks, computers and laptops.

Consumers and companies who are interested in learning more about ConnectedHome Expert may visit www.connectedhome.expert for information. PlumChoice executives will also be available at the 2016 CES, in the Z-Wave Pavilion, booth #21000 at Tech East in the South Hall, and at Parks Associates’ CES Connections™ Summit and networking events to discuss this new service.

For information about PlumChoice, please visit www.plumchoice.com.


About PlumChoice:

PlumChoice is the leader in providing a continuum of specialized technical services for today’s highly personalized business and consumer technology environments. For more than a decade, the company has partnered with brands both large and small, including Fortune 1000 manufacturers, retailers, software vendors, and telco and cable providers to create customer engagement by way of technical services for cloud solutions and the Internet of Things.

Today’s dynamic, complex, heterogeneous technology environments require brands to solve for technical challenges that are complicated and diverse. PlumChoice’s solutions span the entire buyer and customer lifecycle – from pre-purchase through installation, configuration, integration, problem resolution and ongoing usage. Solutions include Cloud Enablement, Connected Life and Premium Technical sales, support and care services. PlumChoice enables brands to reduce no-fault-found returns, increase adoption and penetration, drive revenue, control costs and engage customers to achieve greater lifetime value.

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