Helps Nightingale customers install product, use app and connect to other IoT devices

 LAS VEGAS — (Jan. 5, 2017)PlumChoice, Inc., the leading provider of premium technical services for IoT and cloud brands, today announced that it will provide specialized IoT technical support for Nightingale, the world’s first smart home sleep system. The device’s parent company, Cambridge Sound Management, announced pre-order availability at CES 2017 earlier this week.

As Nightingale’s premium tech support partner, PlumChoice will help consumers install and use the product, enable the smartphone app, and interconnect it with other devices within the home. This support will ensure that Nightingale users are able to fully adopt and enjoy the sound-masking product to experience better sleep.

“It’s exciting to work with the Nightingale team on this launch for a number of reasons. The product is right in our IoT and connected healthcare device wheelhouse, and Cambridge Sound Management and PlumChoice are neighboring Boston-area companies focused on advancing IoT success through a first-class service team,” said Noelani McGadden, vice president of IoT at PlumChoice, which is headquartered in Lowell, Mass. “We look forward to supporting the company’s end users as they find more uses for this technology and aim to connect it with new smart home products in their homes and offices.”

The Nightingale team announced pre-order availability at CES this week. Designed by acoustic experts, Nightingale immerses a room in perfectly tuned sound blankets, masking disruptive indoor and outdoor noises to help customers sleep better every night. Nightingale also integrates with smart home products like Hue, Nest, Ring and Google Home via the popular IFTTT platform, and it can be controlled via Amazon Echo.

“We want to provide seamless and high-quality tech support for our first consumer IoT device — and the team at PlumChoice will enable our customers to quickly connect their Nightingale sleep systems to their mobile devices and other smart products of their choice,” said Christopher Calisi, CEO of Cambridge Sound Management.

Restless sleepers around the nation can now pre-order Nightingale for $249 at Stop by the Nightingale booth at CES 2017 Jan. 5 to 7 (Sands, Halls A-C – #42749) to learn more about the Nightingale Sleep System and PlumChoice’s technical support services. Those interested in learning more about PlumChoice at CES can tweet @PlumChoiceTeam or @NoelaniIOT to set up an appointment.

About PlumChoice

PlumChoice helps IoT service providers and manufacturers, cloud solution providers and distributors, and communications service providers deploy and sell support services that drive product adoption, resulting in greater market penetration. We work on behalf of major brands to help end users install, configure, integrate, troubleshoot and use brands’ products and software. In turn, PlumChoice’s partners experience greater customer satisfaction and lifetime value, lower overhead, increased profitability, and quicker time to market. For information about PlumChoice, please visit

About Nightingale

Nightingale, the world’s first smart sleep system, is the most advanced and effective sleep system on the market. Created by acoustic experts and audio engineers at Cambridge Sound Management, the world industry leader in sound masking, Nightingale features a dual-unit system that immerses a room in perfectly tuned sound blankets. Nightingale integrates with smart home products like Hue, Nest and Ring via the IFTTT platform and can be controlled by Amazon Echo. One in four Americans don’t get enough sleep, a problem that can result in a variety of health conditions and loss of productivity. Nightingale was created to help every user get a better night’s sleep every night. To learn more, visit