Reports 289 percent growth in cloud services business as channel resellers wrap support around cloud applications

LOWELL, Mass. — March 17, 2015 — As cloud services boom – and small business (SMB) implementations of cloud-based applications follow suit — cloud application providers and resellers seek specialized technical expertise from outside their organizations to support SMB end users and drive adoption.

In fact, executives at PlumChoice, Inc., the leader in specialized technical services for cloud applications and the Internet of Things, say the company’s cloud support business grew 289 percent from 2013 to 2014. The company, which delivers highly differentiated customer experiences with its technical support solutions, anticipates another 257 percent growth in 2015.

“The scope and complexity of support for cloud applications is accelerating as SMBs increasingly rely on cloud applications for unified communications, office productivity and security needs,” said Paul Weichselbaum, executive vice president of PlumChoice. “Our rapid growth in this space is being driven by software providers and resellers who understand that frictionless adoption and ongoing use are critical to market penetration. If their cloud apps are difficult to understand, they lose the sale. If they are difficult to implement and use, they lose the customer. Easy adoption and use, delivered through a continuous lifecycle of support that we call the Internet of Services, is essential to long-term product and distributor success.”

According to market analysis from IDC and Osterman Research, SMB cloud solutions adoption and spending is growing, and the landscape is becoming increasingly competitive. Cloud provider Microsoft is reporting 147 percent growth in commercial cloud services and predicting that Office 365 growth will double in 2015.

“PlumChoice’s Cloud Application Services are substantially outpacing market growth, reflecting the importance of optimizing customer acquisition, adoption and retention,” said Weichselbaum. “Distributors who will win in this market are those who focus on the broader customer experience as a continuum that wraps cloud applications with support services prior to and at point-of-sale, as well as post-sale. These organizations will differentiate, secure adoption, minimize churn, enable customer penetration and create long-term value exchange.”

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About PlumChoice:

PlumChoice provides a continuum of specialized technical services for today’s highly personalized consumer and small business technology environments. For more than a decade, the company has partnered with brands both large and small, including Fortune 1000 manufacturers, retailers, software vendors, and telcos and cable providers to deliver highly differentiated customer experiences by way of technical support solutions for the Internet of Things.

Today’s dynamic, complex, heterogeneous technology environments require brands to solve for technical challenges that are equally unpredictable, complex and diverse. PlumChoice’s solutions span the entire customer lifecycle – from pre-purchase to installation, adoption and configuration, and through integration, problem resolution and advanced usage. Solutions include Connected Life, Cloud Application and Premium Technical sales, support and care services. PlumChoice enables brands to reduce no-fault-found returns, increase adoption and penetration, drive revenue, control costs and create customer loyalty.

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