IT Help Desk

Nothing works 100% of the time. Except us.

24/7 on-demand technical support for your home and business customers.

Our U.S.-based technical experts are on call round-the-clock to deliver the high-quality level of service your customers expect from your brand.

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We work with brand partners to deliver white-label support solutions to both consumer and business end users.

Our IT Help Desk services:

  • Improve product adoption
  • Increase brand loyalty & customer satisfaction
  • Enable new revenue streams
  • Mitigate call center costs
  • Scale to grow with your business

Our IT Help Desk Services include:

IT Help Desk Purchase


  • Pre-purchase advice
  • Installation & activation
  • Upsell & cross-sell services
IT Help Desk Ongoing Support

Ongoing Support

  • 24/7 brand-agnostic technical support
  • Whole-home or business technology support
IT Help Desk Multichannel Delivery

Multichannel Delivery

  • DIY support
  • Assisted support
  • Remote “do it for me” support
  • Email, phone & chat

No program is too big and no question is too technical. We develop a support program based on your business objectives, and our team scales to meet the demands of your product’s growth. We even help you sell this add-on support when your customers call.

We’re an extension of your brand, serving as your customers’ trusted technology advisor.

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5 Reasons to Rethink Your Support Strategy

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