Complimentary webinar will explore solutions for the “thing makers’ dilemma™”

LOWELL, Mass., (March 25, 2015) – If your organization is part of the connected life segment of the Internet of Things (IoT), namely connected home, connected self, connected car and connected small business, how are you driving adoption and use of your IoT products to ensure your brand’s success?

On Tuesday, March 31, Harvard Business Review will present “Tech Support for the Internet of Things,” a complimentary webinar featuring PlumChoice’s Executive Vice President Paul Weichselbaum. This live webinar will take place from noon to 1 p.m. ET.

A business strategist who advises companies on penetration, expansion, growth, and turnaround strategies in new and existing markets, Weichselbaum will discuss the technical service complexities associated with connected “things,” offering solutions that optimize customer experiences and expand brand value within the IoT ecosystem. This webinar is ideal for consumer electronics/smart device manufacturers, platform providers, retailers, and aggregators and solution providers who deliver connected lifestyle services and products to consumers and small businesses.

Attendees will learn:

  • Why a great product is not enough to grow a strong business in this space
  • Why prospects “check out” before they check out and how to convert them into buyers
  • The keys to product adoption and reduced returns
  • Why your current brand strategy is limiting your success in the IoT

“At its core, the promise of the IoT is convenience, control and simplicity, but there is often a disconnect between that promise and consumers’ actual experiences within their diverse, highly personalized technology environments,” said Weichselbaum. “‘Thing makers’ and ‘thing sellers’ are struggling to deliver the service and support that IoT end users need and want, resulting in unhappy customers, skyrocketing returns, underperforming revenues, negative brand impacts and unrealized value.”

Tuesday’s live webinar extends the conversation Weichselbaum initiated in his recent article, “Who Provides Tech Support for the Internet of Things?” featured in Harvard Business Review.

“This webinar addresses key questions that are on the minds of corporate executives and product managers alike: ‘How do I differentiate and make this product stick?’” said Angelia Herrin, editor of research and special projects at Harvard Business School Publishing. “We’re pleased to invite Paul to elaborate on his popular article and help IoT innovators and those who sell their products to better address the technical needs presented by our increasingly dynamic and connected lives.”

To register for the webinar, click here. For information about PlumChoice, please visit

About PlumChoice:

PlumChoice provides a continuum of technical services for personalized consumer and small business technology environments. For more than a decade, the company has partnered with brands both large and small, including Fortune 1000 manufacturers, retailers, telcos, cable providers, and software vendors to deliver highly differentiated customer experiences by way of technical support solutions for the Internet of Things.

Today’s dynamic, complex, heterogeneous technology environments require brands to solve for technical challenges that are complex and diverse. PlumChoice’s solutions span the entire buyer and customer lifecycle – from pre-purchase through installation, configuration, integration, adoption, problem resolution and ongoing usage. Solutions include Connected Life, Cloud Application and Premium Technical sales, support and care services. PlumChoice enables brands to reduce returns and churn, increase adoption and experience value, drive revenue, control costs and create customer loyalty.