PlumChoice Specialized Technical Services — delivered directly to your consumer and SMB customers on your behalf — accelerate adoption, ensure product/service activation and usage, reduce churn, create a seamless customer experience, and ultimately, positively impact your growth … and your bottom line.

PlumChoice solutions provide everything you need to define, price, package, implement, launch, sell, market, deliver and grow specialized technical services that differentiate consumers’ and SMBs’ experiences with your brand.

Customer Experience


Differentiate your brand, delight your customers and create greater customer lifetime value by complementing your products and services with PlumChoice Specialized Technical Services. Whether you’re bringing a new connected device, application, mobility product, system or bundle to market, or looking to more effectively handle existing service requests for complex, heterogeneous technical needs, PlumChoice has the service focus and expertise to turn that opportunity into a value exchange.

From installation, activation and usage assistance to diagnosis and remediation, interoperability, connectivity and network management, our innovative, technology-enabled services are designed and deployed for scalability, efficacy, efficiency and exceptional customer experiences.

Revenue Growth


Expand your ARPU and drive new revenue streams by simplifying your customers’ connected and increasingly mobile lives with Specialized Technical Services.

Whether bundled or attached at point of sale, available or sold at point of pain, delivered early in the technology lifecycle or all along the way, PlumChoice Premium Technical Services, Connected Life Services and Cloud Enablement Services can establish a continued value exchange that drives revenue.

Product Innovation & Incubation

Product Innovation
& Incubation

Consumers’ increasingly connected lifestyles, the growing SMB adoption of cloud applications and the mainstreaming of the Internet of Things present brand opportunities and challenges alike. Those bringing new products to market are expected to deliver convenience, control and simplicity.

The reality is that the more connected devices, apps, systems and solutions a consumer or business business purchases – and the more mobile their lives – the more complex and personalized their technology environment. The rule of thumb? Simplify where possible. PlumChoice makes it possible with the Specialized Technology Services that are purpose‑built for supporting the complex, heterogeneous and often unknown technical inquiries associated with incubating and launching new connected devices, systems and solutions. Our expertise and agility allow for unparalleled scale and efficiency — on top of creating brand experience.

Cost Mitigation


By routing complex, heterogeneous technical inquiries to PlumChoice, you can provide your customers with the positive service experience your brand promises, as well as control support costs.

PlumChoice is purpose‑built to handle the support inquiries your call center isn’t designed to handle, that are too costly, or you simply don’t have the desire to handle or staff for them. So you can rest assured that our records for excellence, effectiveness, efficiency, technology and best practices will enable you to achieve what you’re looking for: the room to focus on your core business while delivering positive, seamless customer experiences that control your cost of support.