PlumChoice releases free guide on combating spyware; educating consumers on preventive maintenance

PlumChoice Uses Customer Experience to Create SmartStart Program

Bedford MA – April 27, 2005 -- PlumChoice Computer Help, a premium provider of remote computer support for the home, home office and small business market, today announced the availability of its PC Maintenance & Spyware Guide available for free to all PC users. The guide was created after an internal study revealed 70% of PlumChoice customers requested service to remove spyware or a problem caused by spyware. The new guide provides insightful tips on how to identify and combat spyware, and where to go for help.

In response to the growing number of consumers affected by spyware and other threats, PlumChoice introduced its 'PC SmartStart' program; a preventive maintenance service that focuses on security. For $19.95, a certified PlumChoice technician sets up a secure anti-virus and anti-spyware environment by checking for and updating the security settings. The service includes a diagnostic report as well as recommendations.

PlumChoice concluded consumers need advanced education when dealing with their personal PC's. Customer issues include slow PCs, error messages, pop-ups, and low memory problems; all results of spyware that the users were not aware had entered their computer.

Consumer Complaints

Slow Computer 46.3%
Virus 34.5%
Error Messages 33.1%
Pop-ups 25.0%
Spyware 16.4%
Printer/Scanner 7.0%
Network Configuration 2.9%
New SW Configuration 2.8%
Back-up Help 2.3%

PlumChoice Work

Spyware Removal 70%
System Cleaning 50%
Security Review 40%
Virus Removal 30%
OS Repair & Config. 30%
SW Installation 15%
Training 10%

"I'd go so far as to say that computer users can reduce the need for computer help by 50% if they follow some basic preventive maintenance steps," stated Ted Werth, CEO of PlumChoice. "Our customers often report 'symptoms' associated with spyware or a virus, like 'a slow PC' or 'pop-ups', and are not aware of how they became infected or the protection options available to them. With education, consumers can recognize when spyware has infected their PC's and how to go about resolving infections quickly before they create bigger problems."

PlumChoice Contact:
Karen McPhillips, Vice President, Marketing
866.811.3321 x3204

Press Contact:
Belinda Rooney
SSPR, for PlumChoice

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