Customer-First Focus Uniquely Qualifies PlumChoice to Help Technology Users Transition to Microsoft Windows 8

Service Packages Determine Upgrade Readiness, Assist with New OS Adaptation

LOWELL, MA - (October 30, 2012) - The new Microsoft® Windows® 8 operating system represents a significant departure from the traditional Windows user interface, changing the way people interact with their devices. PlumChoice®, Inc., the leader in the Technology Services Solutions sector, announced completion of a comprehensive readiness plan to assist consumers and businesses as they make the transition. Windows 8 is designed to work on multiple devices, and PlumChoice provides support across all, helping users optimize the benefits of their technology. With a long-standing, customer-first focus and decade-plus of experience, PlumChoice is uniquely qualified to deliver premium support across a user’s entire technology environment. To help users make the transition to Windows 8, PlumChoice now has available an Upgrade Advisor Service™ and Quick Start Service™ to maximize the benefits people expect from the new OS.

A touchscreen-centric OS designed to deliver a consistent user experience across multiple devices, Windows 8 is an acknowledgement that today’s consumers operate within immersive technology environments, demanding ubiquitous access to data. This demand and new technology capabilities require increasingly sophisticated support to optimize the benefits of working, playing and socializing across various interconnected devices.

PlumChoice recognized the importance of interconnectivity and data access across multiple devices early on. As a result, the company puts customers – rather than devices – at the hub of support to enable users to exploit the advantages of technology. Unlike competitors whose “break-fix” support models put the device at the nexus of support by responding reactively to immediate problems, PlumChoice is uniquely positioned to help technology users adapt and harness the power of any technology, including the new Windows 8 user interface.

Augmenting its existing portfolio of services, PlumChoice now offers the Upgrade Advisor Service, providing an assessment from a certified technician to determine if a customer’s technology meets minimum requirements to run Windows 8. PlumChoice is also ready to help customers adapt to the new OS with the Quick Start Service, which provides guidance on navigating within Windows 8 and optimizes OS use across mobile, home and work environments. Microsoft isn’t expected to provide Windows 8-specific training certification, but in preparation for the launch, PlumChoice deployed rigorous training programs in-house to ensure its readiness to support the new OS.

“PlumChoice provides a path for large consumer electronics manufacturers, cable and telecommunications providers and others to move from a reactive support delivery model to a more customer-centric approach,” said Paul Weichselbaum, Executive Vice President at PlumChoice. “Windows 8 is a catalyst for that. By supporting customers who use multiple, interconnected devices to access data at work, at home and on the go, PlumChoice and its partners can deliver real value and build long-term customer loyalty.”

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