The Tech Support Imperative: It's About the Customer

PlumChoice Executive Team Expansion Underscores Importance of Customer Experience

BILLERICA, MA – (May 8, 2012) – PlumChoice®, Inc., an innovator in the technology care sector, is leading a fundamental industry shift to put customers at the center of technical support. This transformation is essential for the industry, which must change to meet evolving consumer and business demands for interconnectivity and access to technology services and data at home, in the office or on the go. PlumChoice categorizes this hyper-customer focus as technology care, which augments technical support, focusing on how the user interacts with information and technology, and resulting in long-term customer relationships.

The company announced today it has expanded its executive team to drive and maximize this market transformation, leveraging the software and services industry experience of Bob Badavas, PlumChoice's President and Chief Executive Officer, and the vision and expertise of Ted Werth, founder and Chairman of PlumChoice, who serves as Chief Strategy and Products Officer. Together, Messrs. Badavas and Werth will extend PlumChoice's leadership role as the preferred provider of technology care solutions while leading the enhancement of customer care.

"Ultimately, our value is determined by the customer experience we uniquely enable and deliver," said Mr. Badavas. "In today's interconnected world, effective, efficient technology care is not a luxury, it's an absolute necessity for technology users who demand access to data and information for productivity, commerce or entertainment, whenever they want or need it and regardless of the device or service they use to access it. At PlumChoice, we focus first on the customer to enable and provide the technology care they need. That's how we create value and differentiate ourselves and our partners."

Mr. Badavas, a member of the PlumChoice Board of Directors since February 2011, is applying his extensive technology services and software industry experience to his new role, where he will lead the company to continuously improve the customer experience and increase market share. Mr. Werth will focus on evolving customer value with market-leading product and capabilities strategies. Mr. Badavas retains his seat on the PlumChoice Board of Directors, while Mr. Werth continues to serve as Chairman.

"A true industry visionary, Ted recognized early on that technology users would - and should - demand real value and a positive experience from technical support," Mr. Badavas said. "Ted was and remains ahead of the curve when it comes to putting customers first. In addition to serving as Ted's pivot-point for pioneering remote technical service and creating PlumChoice, Ted's focus on the customer experience led him to build a world-class team that excels in customer service and technical expertise. Customer care is also behind the development of our SAFElink® Technology Platform. In fact, our entire team is anchored in the customer experience, which is why I selected PlumChoice. I look forward to working with Ted to fulfill his vision by delighting our partners and their customers with technology care solutions that address needs as they change and expand."

"By delivering comprehensive, scalable and flexible technology care solutions based on more than a decade of best practices, we help organizations build lifelong customer loyalty, increase operational efficiencies, grow new revenue streams and optimize technical services," said Mr. Werth. "Bob successfully led technology companies and customer-focused service providers throughout his career, including Cerulean Technology, a mobile application software leader, and TAC Worldwide, the leading technical resourcing company, where he served as President and Chief Executive Officer. Bob and I collaborated on the Board to refine the PlumChoice strategy. We'll continue working closely together in our new roles to deliver flexible, scalable solutions that enable PlumChoice and our partners to succeed by putting customers at the center of all we do."

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