PlumChoice Continues to Redefine Technology Care Via Debut of SAFElink™ Discovery

PlumChoice Continues to Redefine Technology Care Via Debut of SAFElink™ Discovery

BILLERICA, MA - (May 4th, 2010) - PlumChoice today announced an expansion of its SAFElink™ technology care platform with the debut of SAFElink Discovery, a downloadable application that quickly analyzes and reports on the health, performance and security of a user's computer. Part of the SAFElink family of support applications, SAFElink Discovery allows its service provider partners to extend a custom-branded diagnostic service to their end users that reduces customer acquisition costs, improves customer loyalty and increases product and service marketing effectiveness.

SAFElink Discovery, the product of several years of knowledge by the leader in remote technical support services, is a valuable and trustworthy diagnostic aid. It reliably reports on key computer parameters to give home and small business users both information and peace-of-mind. In just a few minutes, the downloadable application performs a comprehensive scan covering:

  • Security-Checks for anti-virus and anti-spyware software; scans for active malware; reports on presence and status of firewall, backup client and Windows Update software
  • Performance-Evaluates CPU usage, available free memory, primary disk free space and running processes
  • Health-Assesses critical issues and overall disk health
  • Service Provider Directed-Custom review using provider specific parameters or tools

In addition to recommending simple remediation actions where needed, SAFElink Discovery can be configured for service providers to offer customized services that drive incremental revenue. For example, providers can market anti-virus, anti-spyware or backup software directly through SAFElink Discovery, with fulfillment performed by PlumChoice. It also provides seamless access to PlumChoice's SAFElink platform, an integration point for any technology service or product including PlumChoice's onsite or 24/7 U.S.-based remote technical support. Solutions can be offered with one-time, bundled, or subscription-based pricing.

SAFElink Discovery gives PlumChoice business partners a unique opportunity to strengthen their customer relationships. "With SAFElink Discovery, telcos, MSOs, OEMs and retailers now have a way to establish contact with their customers at a very low cost," said PlumChoice CEO Ted Werth. "By offering to diagnose computer problems at no charge, this compelling tool is a point of entry to a whole range of customized technology services that can attract new customers, build long-term customer relationships, and generate incremental sources of revenue."

SAFElink Discovery can be used to perform remote system health checks on computers running Windows XP SP3, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems. Partners can distribute SAFElink Discovery to customers via email, direct mail, website links, or in connection with other retail in-store merchandising.

SAFElink Discovery is the latest addition to the proprietary and patented SAFElink service delivery platform that is redefining technology support for the connected world. SAFElink Desktop, the family's original remote service delivery application, provides 24/7/365 direct access to trusted, expert technology assistance via chat, email and service scheduling.

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Karen McPhillips, Vice President, Marketing
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Belinda Rooney
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