PlumChoice Rides Growing Market for Remote Technical Support

Last year’s 300% company growth reflects rising demand for 24x7 Web-based repair services

BILLERICA, MA – (August 12th, 2008) – PlumChoice (, the leading provider of 24x7 technical assistance for home, home office and small business customers, today announced a substantial 300% growth in year-over-year revenues – up from the 200% increase logged the previous year. In the last 12 months, the number of customers serviced by PlumChoice surged 66%, jumping to over 2 million customer transactions for technology support services.

The company’s strong performance was fueled by the increasing complexity of today’s technology as well as rising awareness of Web-based repair and support services as the most effective method for 24x7 technical support. Use of all types of consumer electronics & devices including multiple computers with several operating systems and mobile devices adds to the difficulty of maintaining of home and office technology. PlumChoice’s SAFELink™ Platform brings order to this growing support challenge.

“Over the last few years, the availability of remote support services as a rapid-response solution to technology problems has increasingly moved to the public radar screen. As the industry pioneer and leader, we are well positioned to be the largest beneficiary of this market expansion,” said PlumChoice CEO Ted Werth.

A recent report by IDC confirms the growing appeal of remote technical support. IDC’s "PlumChoice Vendor Profile" attributes the trend to the challenges of using today’s technology as well as to the development of clientless remote support tools that enable a technician to temporarily take control of a troubled device without requiring software installation on the user’s side.

“In light of the increasing complexity of consumer technology, customers are faced with limited and often unsatisfying support options. To address these concerns, a new approach to consumer support has begun to evolve (utilizing) ‘clientless’ remote support tools,” the report noted. “This advance has dramatically reduced the costs associated with supporting customers and reduced the price to a point where it is attractive to a larger segment of customers.”

The recent result from PlumChoice demonstrates the ongoing expansion of this market. According to the IDC report, "PlumChoice Online PC Services is one of the leading vendors of technical support services that are adopting the approach of using "clientless" remote support tools to provide support services."

Customers utilize PlumChoice’s services direct from the company as well as through private labeled solutions such as Circuit City’s Firedog and co-branded McAfee/PlumChoice service options. PlumChoice’s proprietary SAFELink ™ Platform enables PlumChoice technicians to remotely view the user’s computer screen and securely fix most computer, network, personal electronics and mobile device problems over the Internet via remote control and resolve most problems the first time.

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