PlumChoice Goes 24/7 on 7/24; Consumers Gain Added Convenience of Remote PC Support "Anytime, Anywhere"

BEDFORD, Mass., July 20, 2006 -- Making it easier than ever before for consumers to receive computer help anytime, anywhere, the leader in online PC services PlumChoice, Inc. today announced that its support services will be available around-the-clock starting July 24. With PlumChoice, consumers now have easy access to computer and electronics help from the privacy and convenience of their home, office, vacation spot or while traveling without the hassle of waiting for a technician to arrive on-site. PlumChoice is the only dedicated remote service provider to offer 24/7 support.

With PlumChoice remote computer services, consumers can get online support across a wide variety of brands for everything from PC software, printers, scanners and wireless networks, to digital cameras, MP3 players, and PDAs. In addition to 24/7 support, consumers may also select their favorite PlumChoice technician. Unique to the consumer computer services industry, this level of personalization lets consumers schedule computer support with the same technician any time they need help.

"People often find themselves in need of computer help outside of traditional business hours," said Ted Werth, CEO of PlumChoice. "By offering 24/7 remote PC service, we are able to help our customers when it's most important to them - if that happens to be at 2:00 in the morning, we're ready to help. From the college student working through the night on a term paper, to the parent downloading photos from their digital camera on a Sunday evening, PlumChoice delivers reliable, convenient PC support anytime, anywhere!"

PlumChoice U.S.-based technicians are able to access consumers' computers via the Internet to troubleshoot, configure, install, repair and even demonstrate how to use computers, home networks, electronics and a growing number of home entertainment technologies. Consumers can visit or call 1-888-PLUM-HELP (758-6435) to receive immediate service or self-schedule a convenient time for service with a certified technician.

Susan M. Cooney, vice president of marketing for PlumChoice, added, "Consumers today are surrounded with personal technology, mobile devices and home electronics. They now have a single place to go for all the service and support they need independent of make, model or where they made a purchase. PlumChoice makes it easy to use and enjoy their favorite technology."

PlumChoice Contact:
Karen McPhillips, Vice President, Marketing
866.811.3321 x3204

Press Contact:
Belinda Rooney
SSPR, for PlumChoice

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