PlumChoice Adds Remote Setup & Training for Smartphones, Reducing Startup Time for New Handhelds from Hours to Minutes

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BILLERICA, MA – (June 24th, 2008) – PlumChoice (, the nation’s leader in providing remote technical support services for home, home office and small business customers, today announced that it has expanded its services to provide remote setup and training for smartphones. The new service options enable users to quickly reap the productivity and connectivity benefits of their mobile devices without getting stalled by installation of PC synchronization software, complex device navigation, or reading the user manual simply to perform basic functions.

PlumChoice is offering two smartphone setup packages:

Smartphone QuickStart Basic ($49.95), providing remote Internet-based installation of PC software required to synch data between the PC and the handheld as well as instruction in the synchronization process. Customers can watch on their PC screens while PlumChoice technicians setup the software and provide step-by-step guidance by phone. Windows CE/Mobile, Treo, iPhone and many other smartphone devices are eligible for support.

Smartphone QuickStart Premium ($59.95), providing the Basic setup service plus remote training in the use of the smartphone itself (for select models). In this case, PlumChoice technicians connect remotely to the Windows CE/mobile handheld device and control cursor movement to show users how to perform functions ranging from retrieving email to selecting ringtones, downloading music and surfing the mobile Web.

“When you buy a smartphone, you want to be able to use it quickly without a long learning curve. We provide instant gratification to mobile users who want their device configured immediately,” said Fred King, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PlumChoice. “Our new smartphone services simplify the use of these complex devices, and that saves time, reduces mistakes, and gets people up and running in minutes. I can finally buy my parents a phone with all of the bells and whistles – and know they can get the support they need to make it work for them.”

Most of PlumChoice’s business partners are planning on launching these advanced new services in the next few weeks to provide added benefits to their customers.

The Smartphone QuickStart Basic and QuickStart Premium services are available by visiting

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Karen McPhillips, Vice President, Marketing
866.811.3321 x3204

Press Contact:
Belinda Rooney
SSPR, for PlumChoice

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