PlumChoice Introduces Industry’s First Turnkey Remote Tech Support with SAFElink™ Retail

New Service Allows Any Retailer to Expand Offerings, Build Customer Loyalty

BILLERICA, MA – (April 14th, 2008) – PlumChoice (, the nation’s leader in online PC services, today introduced its new SAFElink™ Retail program, an innovative retail-based technical service experience that makes PlumChoice’s unique brand of proven, reliable support available in convenient retail locations.. SAFElink™ Retail is an industry first, providing immediate and convenient access to PlumChoice’s outstanding support services through point-of-sale kiosks at retailers like office products, computer/electronics, grocery, drug and discount retailers. PlumChoice has been delivering remote technology support services through leading retail partners. With the launch of SAFElink™ Retail, PlumChoice is now making its award-winning comprehensive technology service experience available as a turnkey program, allowing retailers to expand product offerings and build customer loyalty.

“With this program, retailers can readily offer their customers the convenience of purchasing technical services with ease, minimize floor space allocation, and provide a technology service without hiring a technical team,” said Fred King, vice president of sales and marketing at PlumChoice. “Customers buy PlumChoice’s service cards onsite at the store or take a no-risk ‘test-drive’ of the remote service at home or at work, eliminating the need to carry equipment to the store for service.”

SAFElink Retail partners can quickly launch this flexible, affordable service without the need for special in-store expertise or staff training. Partners can leverage existing equipment to increase foot traffic, diversify product offerings and provide a valuable, high-demand service for their customers, all the while differentiating their products and adding a profitable recurring revenue stream. PlumChoice services cover a wide range of consumer electronics and PC technologies, including MP3 players, digital cameras, desktop and laptop PCs, wireless networks, printers, software applications and much more. Services are delivered remotely and securely over the Internet by PlumChoice’s team of U.S. based, 100% certified technicians. PlumChoice’s SAFElink™ Retail services can be delivered in the home, in the office or on the road.

PlumChoice’s retail partner implementations have proven the benefit of this “white glove” service delivery, with No Problem Found return reductions of up to 1000 basis points, dramatically reducing this costly issue for retailers. With PlumChoice, not only are customers able to realize the full benefit of technologies they already own, but they are also able to get new technology purchases up and running quickly, reducing costly customer service calls for retailers. PlumChoice also provides training on new products to ensure customers get the full value from their purchases, which translates into greater customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as increased lifetime value of each retail customer.

PlumChoice will formally launch SAFElink™ Retail at Gartner RetailVision 2008 in Orlando, Florida on April 14-17, 2008. For more information about SAFElink Retail, visit or call 1-888-PLUM-HELP (1-888-758-6435)

PlumChoice Contact:
Karen McPhillips, Vice President, Marketing
866.811.3321 x3204

Press Contact:
Belinda Rooney
SSPR, for PlumChoice

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