PlumChoice Takes PC Service to a New Level, Lets Consumers Choose Their Favorite Technician Every Time

PlumChoice Becomes First Nationwide PC Services Provider to Offer Consumers Higher Level of Personalization, Contributing to Industry-Leading Customer Satisfaction

BEDFORD, Mass., March 28, 2006 - The world of personal computer services just got a little more personal today with PlumChoice's "Select Your Favorite Tech" option. The new service lets consumers schedule a service call with their favorite technician each time they need help with their PC, network, peripheral or mobile device. PlumChoice, Inc., the leader in online PC services for consumers and small businesses, is the only nationwide provider that enables customers to personalize service in this way.

"For consumers to have a positive experience with their technology, they need support they can count on and trust," said Ted Werth, CEO of PlumChoice. "People understandably become attached to a technician who helps them. It's less stressful for the customer if they know they can call on that same individual again, whenever they need service. It's like having their own personal technology expert."

PlumChoice offers high-quality, consumer-friendly remote computer support for the home, home office and small business. PlumChoice's certified technicians access consumers' computers via the Internet to diagnose, configure, demonstrate and repair computers and computer accessories. When a customer needs support, they are given the choice of receiving immediate assistance with the first available technician or scheduling service with the technician of their choice.

PlumChoice customer Brett Bakken of Boone, NC, commented "Thanks, PlumChoice! My technician, Jamie, was great --very professional and efficient. He also had a great demeanor. I consider him to be my 'computer repair guy' and will come back again and again."

PlumChoice consistently enjoys a customer satisfaction rating of 94% or higher -- well above the industry average. "Thanks to the online delivery model of our service, we can provide a level of efficiency and personalization that on-site and in-store offerings cannot," added PlumChoice Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Susan M. Cooney.

All PlumChoice technicians are U.S.-based, carefully screened and certified in a broad set of technologies ranging from software applications to networks and peripherals. In addition, technicians are required to undergo customer service training, excellence in the virtual interface and evaluation on a regular and consistent basis. All customer sessions are recorded for quality assurance.

With PlumChoice's remote computer services, consumers can get online support for everything from digital cameras, MP3 players, and PDAs to PCs, printers, scanners and wireless home networks. Consumers can visit or call 1-888-PLUM-HELP (758-6435) to receive immediate service or self-schedule a convenient time for an appointment with their technician.

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Karen McPhillips, Vice President, Marketing
866.811.3321 x3204

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Belinda Rooney
SSPR, for PlumChoice

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