PlumChoice Launches SAFElink™; Unveils Roadmap for Unprecedented Monitored Support Service for Home and Small Business

THE CONSUMER ELECTRONICS SHOW, LAS VEGAS, Nev., January 7, 2008 - PlumChoice, Inc. (, the nation's leader in online PC services, today introduced SAFElink™, a remote support service platform that will be available to consumers and small businesses through a multitude of different access points including the desktop, Web, in-store and embedded in products. Having pioneered and made popular remote services for the home and small business market since 2001, PlumChoice is now leading the technology support market into a new era with a next-generation platform that is focused on providing anywhere, anytime access, with continuous monitoring and management of software and technology tools that are critical in today's digital lifestyle.

With SAFElink™, PlumChoice takes the burden of regular technology maintenance and security off the plate of the consumer and puts it where it should be - with trusted technology experts who are just one-click away. The end result is a more convenient and reliable technology experience.

"Remote services forever changed the consumer and small businesses support market by using desktop sharing technology to deliver higher quality and more convenient service at a lower cost," said Ted Werth, founder and CEO of PlumChoice. "With SAFElink™, we now have the opportunity to affect the same kind of dramatic impact on the support market by delivering services wherever the customer happens to be and using the remote platform to offer a secure stream of technician-guided services to keep the customer's PC and peripherals working with minimal customer involvement. SAFElink™ is the first step toward achieving a vision of support services that, while completely transparent to the customer, is self-running, self-diagnosing and self-healing."

About SAFElink™
SAFElink™ is a new service delivery platform that applies advancements in technology, the deployment of skilled experts and proven processes to provide the safest, most convenient and effective technology support services available today. The service will be available directly from the desktop in the form of a small icon bar, across the Web, in-store at retail locations, and directly within products.

The PlumChoice or partner-branded SAFElink™ services provide one-click access to a variety of "live" remote technical support options as well as constant data backup and comprehensive security software monitoring. Future releases of SAFElink™ will include an expanded list of monitored software applications and devices, real-time alerts notifying customers of potential system issues along with customer-directed "self-healing" options, and additional technician-monitored services. SAFElink™ is available as part of the monthly service subscription package and will be available soon at and through a select group of PlumChoice partners

PlumChoice Contact:
Karen McPhillips, Vice President, Marketing
866.811.3321 x3204

Press Contact:
Belinda Rooney
SSPR, for PlumChoice

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