Optimize your consumer and SMB customers’ technology experiences with specialized connected life, cloud application and premium technical services.

Bob Badavas: President, CEO and Director
Connected devices and apps are useless without the convenience, control and simplicity they promise. If you’re not answering your customers’ complex technical questions, who is?- Bob Badavas, President, CEO and Director


About PlumChoice

PlumChoice is purpose‑built to address complex technology needs, delivering specialized technical support, sales, care and go-to-market services that forge brand loyalty, create revenue and mitigate costs for your brand. The leader in specialized technical services, PlumChoice optimizes the benefits people and companies derive from their personal technology experiences.

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Our connected lives are increasingly complex.
PlumChoice Specialized Technical Services simplify that complexity.

Specialized Technical Services

PlumChoice Specialized Technical Services are delivered directly to your consumer and small business customers through white-label and co-branded programs.

Connected Life Services

Connected Life

Incubate your innovations, and accelerate adoption and usage of your connected devices, apps and systems with concierge-level services for the IoT/Connected Home.

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Cloud Application Services

Cloud Application

Increase adoption, usage and the security associated with your cloud applications.

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Premium Technical Services

Premium Technical

Expand your brand’s value, enhance customer satisfaction and increase retention with expert, white-glove services.

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PlumChoice Solutions

Everything you need to define, price, package, implement, launch, sell, market, deliver and grow specialized technical services that differentiate your brand and deliver positive customer experiences.

The Internet of Things:
A dilemma

Our increasingly connected lives have created an expectation for convenience, control and simplicity. Unfortunately, as our dependence on gadgets, applications, interfaces and systems grows, the complexity of our technology environments skyrockets. What’s needed is specialized expertise and services that can simplify it all for consumers and SMBs. PlumChoice provides exactly that.
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Hot CES Tip: Support your customer before and after the sale

Specialized Technical Services support your sales before and after the transaction is complete, with remote and on-site installation and onboarding, training, device interconnectivity, and ongoing usage and break/fix support.

Want to learn how to increase differentiation of your Connected Home device, solution or service? Let’s schedule some time together at CES 2015.
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How an “Internet of Services” bridges the IoT Gap

Whether you’re an IoT/connected home “thing maker” or “thing seller”, you face significant opportunity alongside significant challenges. Hear consumer, CE manufacturer, retailer and support provider perspectives from experts at the nexus of the IoT dilemma, and learn how an Internet of Services can make a difference. Register for this archived webcast.
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